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Product Image Blue Orange Gobblet Game

Blue Orange Gobblet Game

$ 23.99 $ 29.99

For ages 7+ years. For ages 7 and up.

For 2 players.

Are you bored with tic-tac-toe? Think you know all the moves that will prevent you from losing? Then you(ve never tried Gobblet a four-in-a-row, tic-tac-toe game where you can move pieces around the board to increase your chances of winning - or losing. Simply move your piece to a vacant spot, or gobble up an opponent(s smaller piece to gain the advantage. Pay close attention to the board - by moving a piece, you may uncover a previously gobbled up token that will have your opponent declaring victory. It includes wooden game board and storage area, 24 wooden Gobblets, and instructions. This game is for two players. Blue Orange plants two trees for every tree used to produce their games.