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Product Image Finis Swimmers Snorkel Yellow

Finis Swimmers Snorkel Yellow

$ 29.95

Center Mount Lap Swimming Snorkel

Center Mount Lap Swimming Snorkel

Adult size
The Finis Swimmer(s Snorkel allows beginners to learn stroke and kick techniques before introducing breathing cycle. Glide through the water with grace and ease without having to turn your head to breathe. Allows the swimmer to concentrate on stroke technique, head position, complete and symmetrical body rotation. It enables individuals with neck, back and spinal injuries to swim without tension on injured area.

Width 1" (inside diameter)
One size fits all
Tube length 21" (mouthpiece to end of snorkel tube)
Adjustable head strap
Weight - 0.5 lb
Recommended for competitive and fitness swimmers, aquatic therapy, & triathletes
Construction injection molded thermoplastic
Medical grade silicone
Elliptical shape for increased hydrodynamics
One way purge valve for water release