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Product Image Razor Pink A Scooter

Razor Pink A Scooter

$ 35.99 $ 44.99

Push / Kick Scooter - Weight Limit 143 lbs.

Push / Kick Scooter - Weight Limit 143 lbs.

The year 2000 was a phenomenal success for the original A model Razor kick scooter. From hip city dwellers, to celebrities, to businessmen, to kids, the Razor kick scooter was one of the most talked-about, desired, and best selling items of 2000, winning the prestigious Toy of the Year award from the Toy Industry Association.

While the scooters caught on quickly, they also quickly became an integral part of American culture. They have become a classic mode of transportation, like bikes and skateboards, that will be enjoyed by riders for years to come.

The AW Model is available in select locations. It is the same as the A model but features a wheelie bar!