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Product Image Razor Pink Kiddykick

Razor Pink Kiddykick

$ 35.99 $ 44.99

Push / Kick Scooter - Weight Limit 45 lbs.

Push / Kick Scooter - Weight Limit 45 lbs.

Calling the future generation of scooter riders! Now little ones whove been envying the big kids Razor scooters have one they can call their own. With the Folding Kiddie Kick, Razor has made riding a scooter fun and easy for children six and under. The scooter(s stand-alone, three wheel design makes for a more stable ride and the super slip-resistant deck keeps kids on their little toes. The new folding mechanism makes it easy to take along to grandma(s or the park. Theyre sure to enjoy the fun colors too.