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Product Image Gertie Magic Gertie Ball

Gertie Magic Gertie Ball

$ 6.00 $ 11.99

For ages 3+ years. For ages 3+ years. The World(s Most Catchable Ball! This Gertie Ball changes color with touch - Just dip in cold water! Pale blue when warm, changes to purple when chilled; kids love to see hand-prints, face-prints or other custom designs magically appear on the ball(s surface. So many ways to play - pop it in the fridge to chill, then apply warm hands.

What makes a Gertie Ball so wonderful? It(s the soft squishy, huggable feel! Gertie Balls have a unique, slightly-sticky surface that makes them extra easy to throw and catch - even for the youngest kids. Simply inflate the balls to the desired size and skill level. Whether they are full and bouncy or soft and squeezable, Gertie Balls are always light and gentle, for both indoor and outdoor play. And it(s the only ball that travels small! Deflate for easy packing, then reinflate quickly with the included straw.