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526 Waverley Street - Palo Alto, CA 94301

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ToyandSport.com is a division of Palo Alto Sport Shop & Toy World Inc. Our story began in 1930 when my grandfather Ed Hoffacker Sr. opened a sporting goods store in the university town of Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto was the perfect place to start his two sons in business. In 1940 two adjacent stores were acquired and remodeled more than tripling the size of the store. A toy department was soon added.

We continued to grow and change. In 1980 Palo Alto Sport Shop & Toy World was among the first retailers to computerize operations via the PC. In 1995 we were among the pioneers of internet retail with the launch of our e-tail site. ToyandSport.com has taken our sales around the globe. My grandfather could not have known that some of our best customers would live in 49 other states and countless countries around the world!

Our team is constantly searching for the latest trends while keeping the basics in stock. Through the years our swim department pioneered many competitive swimming products like Zoomers Fins, Finis Center Mount Snorkel, Speedo Fastskins, Tyr gasket seal goggles, Polyester training suits, thermal swimwear for children and UV protecting rash guards. In other fields we led the way with Rollerblades, Xootr and Zappy scooters, Aerobie products, Life is good clothing... and a few 'trends' that didn't quite make it and we'd rather not mention!

Providing "Fun for Everyone Since 1930," our staff earns its reputation for personal, friendly service and integrity in our customer relationships. These principles and relationships extend locally and internationally. We care about all our customers because we're family run. You're not just interacting with our business, but three generations of my family as well. We are "family" in more ways than one. Four husband and wife teams run departments and several lifetime relationships started within the walls of our Palo Alto store! Our primary management team has 186 years of business experience, much of it together as a unit.

Whether on the web, or working in our flagship Palo Alto store we're part of the community. We support more than 40 charities and functions such as Little League Baseball, The Museum of American Heritage and our local May Fete parade. Our relationship with our local schools is decades old and very important to us.

None of us work on commission. Our success isn't measured that way. You let us know when we've succeeded when you become one of our thousands of repeat customers around the world.

Ed Hoffacker III
Palo Alto Sport Shop & Toy World, Inc.